Dance Pads A Better Way to Play

Please Note: The Pulsen dev team does not make any money from these pads, nor do we guarantee they are without flaws! We are recommending them because they work well with the game, we use them ourselves, and we like them. Your experience may vary.

Precision Dance Pads 

Precision Dance Pads image 1
Precision Dance Pads image 2

Custom Pulsen dance pads are now available! These are hard dance pads created by our friends at Precision Dance Pads .

If you’d like a custom Pulsen dance pad (or two!) for yourself, click here! 

Dance Pad Mania 

Dance Pad Mania image 1
Dance Pad Mania image 2
Dance Pad Mania image 3

If you’re on a tight budget, the soft pads we like best are from DancePadMania . The deluxe version with the foam insert will give you some of the benefits of a hard pad. They also offer a basic nonslip pad.

If you’d like to check out the soft and hard-foam pads, click here!